Books by Dr. Sam Jones

Not only does Dr. Sam Jones deliver unique and memorable presentations, he is also a distinguished author. His books offer expert life advice, action steps and other tips and tricks to help you transform your life.

Paperback  |  E-book  |  160 Pages

The Man I Never Knew

How Leadership can Be Developed by Faith, Family, and Friends

If you could meet yourself, come face-to-face with the person you truly are, would you want to?

In exploring the influences and opportunities that prepared him for a position of leadership, Dr. Jones inspires us to examine our own experiences and discover the leadership skills that are hidden within each of us.

Paperback  |  E-book  |  212 Pages

Live Life on Purpose

From Discovery to Practice

Do you want to get different results in the your work? Do you want your work and your life to matter? Do you want to leave a legacy that makes a difference? If so, this is the book you need. True learning takes place when education meets experience.

Dr. Jones inspires us to go within to change the current results and the course of our lives to that we might Live Life on Purpose.

Paperback | 124 Pages

Winning Before and Beyond the Finish Line

7 Strategies that Transform SURVIVAL into SUCCESS into SIGNIFICANCE in Work & Life

The results of winning can be so exalting and liberating when you’ve poured your heart and soul into an activity. And likewise, the agony of defeat can be so draining and depressing when you’ve done all you can do, and you still lose.

Winning Before and Beyond the Finish Line is written to provide you with tools to win before and beyond any finish line you might face in life. Once these strategies have been applied in any area of your life, the results will be inspiring, practical, and transferable.

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