Empower, Enlighten, & Engage Your Organization

• Encourage collaboration and a resilient mindset
• Gain a fresh perspective on current goals & challenges
• Develop a thriving, committed team & company culture

Disturb the ‘Status Quo’

In a world where change is constant, many organizations struggle with navigating business uncertainty. This resistance to change can block growth and innovation.

Without a shift towards a success mindset and innovative leadership strategies, businesses risk stagnation and losing their competitive edge.

When organizations refuse to transform through change, their people:

  • will NOT generate NEW value
  • will NOT unlock NEW opportunities
  • will NOT deliver NEW success

If This Sounds Like Your Business, You Need a New Mindset

Dr. Samuel Jones, CSP, leverages his 20 years of management and education experience to offer customized services aimed at empowering your organization to engage in the process of transforming through change. Sit starts with generating a success mindset and ends with achieving your goals.

‘What It IS’ to ‘What It Could BE.’

Most In-Demand Keynote Topic

Momentum Mindset™: See It, Say It, Do It

Designed for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals, this session offers more than insights—it’s an interactive journey toward unveiling the secrets of Dr. Samuel Jones’ trademarked concept, the Momentum Mindset™. Learn to harness the powerful force that is your mindset to overcome challenges, drive innovation, and achieve sustained success.

With the Momentum Mindset™ Participants will:

  • Develop methods to get UNSTUCK and rejuvenate personal and team motivation to build a committed team culture.
  • Transform insights into actional strategies to drive progress.
  • Develop skills to articulate vision and goals to enhance team communication.
  • Use strategic reflection to create insightful perspectives for the future.
  • Understand strategies for leveraging the Momentum Mindset™ for continuous personal development and professional growth.

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Dr. Jones Speaking to crowd
Dr. Sam Blue Stage

Unleash Your Inner Winner: Creating Momentum for Peak Performance & Profitability

Your success will know no bounds. You’re invited on a journey to unlock your fullest potential in both your personal and professional life. Discover how to apply the Momentum Mindset™, a powerful framework that will help you overcome any challenge you face. This is a dynamic, adaptable framework that molds to your individual and corporate aspirations. Seize opportunities and achieve goals faster than ever before.

Participants will:

  • Clarify vision and set inspiring, realistic goals that align with your purpose and passion.
  • Create a winning strategy and break down your goals into manageable steps to keep you focused and motivated.
  • Cultivate a positive attitude and develop a growth mindset that will help you overcome fear, doubt, and procrastination through accountability.
  • Celebrate your progress for every milestone, achievement, and success.

Leave this keynote with a renewed purpose, a clear action plan, and the drive to realize your vision, enhancing your personal effectiveness and business profitability.

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Simplify the Shift™: Getting UNSTUCK and Achieving When It Matters Most

In an era where unpredictability and complexity are the new normal, organizational leaders and teams are constantly challenged to adapt and thrive. This keynote is designed to guide leaders and professionals through a transformative journey. Taking you from mere recovery to true resilience in both your professional and personal lives.

It’s not just about surviving; it’s about thriving with purpose and significance. Dr. Jones will provide actionable strategies to break free from the stagnation that accompanies challenging circumstances and guide you toward a culture of resilience and productivity.

This keynote is particularly beneficial for management at every level and business leaders who must make swift decisions amidst uncertainty.

Participants who Simplify the Shift™ will::

  • Learn strategies to regain power in situations that seem beyond your control.
  • Discover and mitigate five common workplace biases that hinder decision-making and collaboration.
  • Uncover three benefits of renewing your mind.
  • Identify tools to recognize and reduce obstacles that impede progress.

Attendees will leave this session with a clear understanding of how to implement the SHIFT methodology in their daily practices. keynote is a call to action for leaders and professionals to not only adapt to change but to lead it.

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Redefine your Resilience: How to GET and STAY Unstuck with Transformational Leadership

In a time marked by rapid change and unforeseen challenges, the ability to adapt and thrive is more crucial than ever. This session goes beyond the conventional understanding of resilience as mere recovery. It redefines resilience as a dynamic, proactive force that not only helps in bouncing back from setbacks but in forging new paths of success and well-being.

Dr. Jones will share insights and strategies to develop a resilient mindset and culture, essential for navigating the complexities of today’s world.

Participants will:

  • Learn principles and techniques of transformational leadership that drive exceptional performance.
  • Understand the role of clear, empathetic, and strategic communication in overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities.
  • Discover strategies to establish and maintain accountability, both at an individual and team level.
  • Develop methods to cultivate a culture that not only endures but excels under challenging conditions.

Attendees will leave this session equipped with a new skill set and mindset to turn adversity into an advantage. This keynote is an invitation to step into a world of resilience where challenges are transformed into opportunities for growth and success.

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Clients that Trust Dr. Jones to Help Them Transform!

Experience the Impact: Insights from Dr. Sam’s Keynotes

After hearing Dr. Jones speak, I was encouraged to evaluate myself and my response to things I am not in control of. Dr. Jones has an uncanny ability to speak to your soul, while offering wise, spiritual, and research-based advice. He has a genuine love for people and desires to see them succeed personally and professionally! I have definitely reaped the benefits of his wisdom in my personal and professional endeavors.

– Dr. Stacey Donaldson 

When it comes to captivating an audience, Dr. Samuel Jones is the real deal! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Jones on two occasions, and each time he leaves me wanting more. Dr. Jones has the ability to capture everyone’s attention and keep them on the edge of their seats for the duration of the presentation. His speech’s content was extremely useful to our organization, providing us with new techniques and tools for identifying and capitalizing on individual personalities.  

– JoAnn Martin

Dr. Samuel Jones is a genuinely dynamic motivational speaker. His approach is effortless and engaging. After hearing him speak I knew for myself as well as in speaking with my colleagues this information was impactful. The one thing that still rings clear for me from the event is how powerful the art of listening can be. How we can be transformed through small shifts in how we interact with one another. This event with Dr. Jones broke down barriers right away and caused many people to begin to feel the powerful positive impact received from participating. I am so excited that I was there and look forward to another project soon.

– Kimberly Monday

Dr. Jones is very engaging and his presentations are very thought provoking. I have learned so much about myself and others throughout my experience with his coaching.

– Taneka Hawkins


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