Keynote & Speaking Testimonials

Keynote Testimonial

Audience Members from Multiple Events

Event Planner Testimonial

Audience Members from Multiple Events

“Dr. Jones’ presentations during my time in Leadership Mississippi were instrumental in my professional and personal growth and yet continue to be impactful as time has moved forward. He’s personable, authentic, and passionate about helping others be their BEST! His thought-provoking messages are great for building effective leadership teams and personal accountability for creating and meeting expectations. The messages leave you feeling determined, READY, and willing to take the next steps that benefits the TEAM to produce outcomes.”

 – Dr. Sabrina Palmer, Director
MS Department of Education

“I have heard Dr. Jones speak on numerous occasions and have come out of each time with a different, more vibrant mindset than I started with. Having him speak at our event offered such great value to our staff and members. It was worth every minute.”

 – Jeff Merry, CEO
Volcorp Credit Union

“Dr. Samuel Jones has greatly inspired my staff. Dr. Jones served as my keynote speaker for my staff convocation and everyone who left was greatly inspired by his message. He has also been transformative to my leadership team by inspiring them to take ownership and making the shift within before leading the change with others. “

 – Dr. Lawrence Hudson

“We are often exposed to others who profess to have answers we need, new ideas by which to live, or even solutions to our most challenging situations. Whether in corporate retreats or organizational workshops, there are many facilitators who claim to have a new take on life. Dr. Jones is not one of those people. From his personal experiences as a young man in the MS delta and overcoming challenges in his life, you are introduced to a man who wishes to do nothing more than encourage you, listen to you, and walk alongside you as you figure out your life’s path.

The way in which he intimately engages with people is disarming and reassuring because he is honest about his own struggles, but confident in the way in which he communicates how we deals with them. I am grateful for his witness. I am grateful for his demeanor. I am grateful for the ways in which he helped me grow and challenged me to pursue being a better human being.”

 – Ryan T. Miller, Associate Director for External Operations Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence
The University of Mississippi

“Excellent presenter! Dr. Jones was authentic, original, extremely engaging and his content resonated well with our team. It was a perfect combo of practical and motivational, which kept the audiences attention throughout the entire program.”

 – Leia Hill,
Meridian Community College

“As a CEO, leading my team through changing times has been a struggle, but after watching Dr. Jone’s keynote on Simplify the Shift, I’m now equipped with actual takeaways that I can implement to lead more effectively… ultimately leading to higher performance and better retention. Thanks so much! “

 – Ford Saeks, CEO
Prime Concepts Group

“Dr. Samuel Jones was exactly the speaker that our public health workers who are members of the MS Public Health Association needed. They came into the virtual conference being so tired from all of their work on the pandemic. His presentation lifted them up and sent them away from the conference feeling renewed and refreshed. His closing session, Necessary Risks: How to Lead and Live Beyond A Crisis was so appropriate for them at this time. The evaluations of his session indicated just how effective he was, even virtually! We can definitely recommend him for any group!”

-Kay Bender, Ph.D., Executive Director
MS Public Health Association

“Through the mentorship of Dr. Jones, he used his life experiences and lessons learned to help me with my personal and professional goals. He has the charisma to teach and develop leaders to ignite change and make an impact! His presentations were enthusiastic and always made a lasting impression.

His leadership gave me the opportunity to answer the question, “Why?” for myself, and examine the possible outcomes of my efforts.”

 – LTC Deidre D. Smith, Human Resources Officer
MS National Guard Deputy

“For the past 5 years, Dr. Jones has done a fantastic job of being the leadership facilitator and coach for the MS Economic Council’s Leadership MS program. For over 40 years, this program been committed to strengthening Mississippi through a strong network of leaders. The program also has graduated more than 1300 alumni active in Mississippi businesses and politics.

Dr. Jones’ desire to see people expand their footprint for success is very obvious. If you get an opportunity to hear him speak or participate in any of his coaching sessions, you’re definitely putting yourself on a path to greater success and significance that will make a difference!”

 – Cathy Northington

“When it comes to captivating an audience, Dr. Samuel Jones is the real deal! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Jones on two occasions, and each time he leaves me wanting more. Dr. Jones has the ability to capture everyone’s attention and keep them on the edge of their seats for the duration of the presentation. His speech’s content was extremely useful to our organization, providing us with new techniques and tools for identifying and capitalizing on individual personalities.”

 – JoAnn Martin

“Dr. Jones, provides strategies and insights to help your team build a collaborative relationship while learning their individual leadership style.”

 – Takisha Latham


“Dr. Jones is very engaging and his presentations are very thought provoking. I have learned so much about myself and others throughout my experience with his coaching.”

 – Taneka Hawkins


“Dr. Samuel Jones is a genuinely dynamic motivational speaker. His approach is effortless and engaging. After hearing him speak I knew for myself as well as in speaking with my colleagues this information was impactful. The one thing that still rings clear for me from the event is how powerful the art of listening can be. How we can be transformed through small shifts in how we interact with one another. This event with Dr. Jones broke down barriers right away and caused many people to begin to feel the powerful positive impact received from participating. I am so excited that I was there and look forward to another project soon.”

 – Kimberly Monday

“Recently Dr. Jones spoke at our annual meeting. He did an outstanding job and gave me new perspectives on how I should approach dealing with people. His positive energy and passion for helping others inspired us all here! His presentation was a great reminder on focusing on the “why” when we do our daily activities.”

 – Bert Jones, Service Center Manager
Credit Union of America


“Dr. Jones is an AMAZING motivator. He recently was main event of our annual all staff training event. His passion, his stories and experiences will keep you on the edge of your seat. I left his training feeling like I was ready to take on the world and become a better person. Let me rephrase, I AM a better person for attending his training. Thank you Dr. Jones.”

 – Gary Hull, Assistant Vice President
Consumer Lending Credit Union of America


“After hearing Dr. Jones speak, I was encouraged to evaluate myself and my response to things I am not in control of. Dr. Jones has an uncanny ability to speak to your soul, while offering wise, spiritual, and research-based advice. He has a genuine love for people and desires to see them succeed personally and professionally! I have definitely reaped the benefits of his wisdom in my personal and professional endeavors.”

 – Dr. Stacey Donaldson

Coaching Testimonials

“After working with Samuel as my coach, I have become more comfortable and effective in handling situations of all kinds by listening, keeping the tone positive, asking questions, and remaining calm.  This took work but I feel that I can walk into any situation, personal or professional, and become more impactful.

I have a clearer path with respect to how my interactions with others can positively influence them.  In particular, I have significantly improved my responses – verbal and non-verbal – when a situation is less than ideal.  As a leader this clarity results in goals being accomplished more effectively wherein team members grow. I am also a better example to others, especially as a listener.

Samuel is always calm and insightful.  He can get his point across, either by asking questions or by making statements, in a manner that does not seem forced. I was amazed by his ability to get me to introspect and come to conclusions on my own. Samuel took those moments and reminded me of them throughout our sessions. I strongly feel that my coaching experience with Samuel has been the single most effective leadership experience that I have undergone during my professional career.”

       -Mike Pearson,
Liberty Military Housing

“Samuel really helped me reframe deeply rooted tendencies to recognize the artificial walls I was creating for myself throughout the process of talking about upgrading my core operating system. The concepts and themes we defined out of this process were life changing to say the least and was a very enlightening process that I have been able to apply to all aspects of my life.”

 -Tristan Kernagis,
Epic Games

 Executive Testimonials

“Dr. Jones was one of our favorite speakers at the 2018 National Credit Union Call Center Conference. The attendees were fully engaged, laughed at his jokes and didn’t stop talking about his presentation. He truly has a gift to motivate and capture the audience’s’ full attention. I highly recommend Dr. Jones to any group wanting to be encourage and inspired to be a better person. 

As a meeting planner he is a joy to work with. He is a true professional, studies his audience, prepares his presentation to their position and an incredibly nice person. I will hire him again.”

 -Paula Lyden,
Credit Union Association of New Mexico

“Dr. Sam Jones was magic. He was able to craft a message for our group that combined his body of expertise with his own personal life experiences, motivating us to refine our skills. Dr. Jones delivery was exemplary. By combining humor, examples, and an informal but highly focused presentation, he demonstrated leadership principles and gave us useful takeaways. True learning took place. We left feeling excited and motivated.”

– Carmen Kyle, Executive Director
Southaven Chamber of Commerce

“My experience with Dr. Jones’ leadership training was fantastic! His training sessions are dynamic and motivating. There is no way that you can walk out of his training sessions without feeling inspired and ready to go the next level! The leadership sessions are definitely game changers.”

– Tangela Hales,Ph. D., RN Nursing Instructor
Hinds Community College

“Dr. Jones is a wonderful motivational speaker! I attended a Marketing Conference where he was the closing speaker and the best was definitely saved for last! He shared great stories and quotes. Many of the things he said resonated with me and will stick with me for a long time. I left the conference feeling very inspired. Before hearing him speak, I had been doubting my professional skills and abilities and he helped restore my confidence! Thank you, Dr. Jones, for helping me believe in myself again!”

 – Nicole Rosetti, Marketing Manager
Renaissance Community Loan Fund

“Dr. Jones’ passion and engaging presentations to inspire leadership development in others is extraordinary. He customizes his teachings to encourage real-world application, which makes an immediate impact on your team.”

– Jonathan Woodward, Ph.D., Executive Vice President
MS Gulf Coast Community College

“He’s very insightful…very down to earth. He has a great message that everyone should hear.”

– Judy Nail, HR Director
Staple Cotton Cooperative Association (Staplcotn)

“Dr. Jones’ energetic and engaging persona brings the audience into the presentation to the point to where he is engaging in conversation WITH the audience and not talking AT the audience. Relevant personal examples and popular culture references are also utilized to help connect the audience with his message. I highly recommend Dr. Sam Jones to be your next conference, meeting or leadership seminar speaker.”

       – Jenny Tate, Associate Director of University Communications Gulf Park Campus
The University of Southern Mississippi

“One of the BEST speakers we’ve ever had at our corporate leadership events!”

– Sandra Spengler, Director of Corporate Communication & Training
Farm Bureau Life Insurance

“Dr. Jones is a phenomenal speaker! We’re fortunate that our leadership team had a chance to connect with him to book him for our event. He’s 10 out of 10 as a leadership speaker/facilitator!”

– Beth Tackett, Director of HR
Viking Range Corporation

“I enjoyed the sessions our class had with Dr. Samuel Jones. They were one of the highlights of my Leadership Mississippi experience. Sessions with Dr. Jones were fun, different, and educational. His sessions showed me ways to take leadership training and principles outside the box.”

       – Chanda Roby, Esq., Executive Director
REAL Christian Foundation, Inc.